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    Whatever the complexity of your custom application, our design engineers can help you find the perfect solution

    A complete work is always formed from one individual part

    To utilize structural modules is a logic consequence of modern design of technological solutions To implement this idea thrustfully knowledge, experience and competence in dealing with market demands are required. Our spectrum of pipe connections, profile assembly systems, linear units and drive technology, and the fusion of all areas to form the system technology is unique in the market.

    We offer vital support

    It couldn't be easier, simply send us a sketch/description of your application and our experts will work out a complete solution tailored to your individual requirements. You determine the scope of the services required – from a simple frame right through to the complete module.

    RK module technology

    • Consultancy and design by our product specialists – our expertise at your fingertips!

    • Manufacture of components

    • Installation by product experts

    • Complex modules from a one-stop supplier

    • Our design service allows you to focus on your core competences

    Working with a truly competent partner allows you to focus on the task in hand. We bring our extensive knowledge and experience to the table to help you make your business a success.



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    公司名稱: 美卡諾元器件(上海)有限公司
    聯 系 人: 銷售部
    電  話: 021-69176590
    傳  真: 021-69176532
    地  址: 上海市嘉定區南翔鎮嘉前路1001號
    郵  編: 201802
    主  頁:
    美卡諾 ROSE 創新產品 在人機界面操作控制臺的應用
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